With the ELEAGUE Major looming just over the horizon, I caught up with Astralis In-game leader Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander to discuss his transition, recent success, and team dynamic.


Since joining the team, there’s been an immediate uptick in play and results, what do you think is the biggest factor in your success?

I think my system is the best there is. I believe we are playing as one of the best teams in the world right now. We are improving every game, trying to understand why we win and lose, and that’s why we’re so good at the moment.


When you first came into Astralis, was there a period of earning your teammates trust? How did you transition into your role?

When I came in, I was given unanimous control and the team listened to me all the time, and I think you need that. They had faith in me from the start, which is the important thing. The team didn’t believe in how they were playing before with Karrigan, so when I joined it was easy for them, an instant fix.


Compared to past teams, how are you feeling with this roster?

I fit perfectly into this team, they know how I am as a person, and we are all good friends.


What is the team environment like?

It’s really positive, and we’re always improving it. We encourage each other to relax in certain situations and not think too much about them, and move on together as a team. We don’t get mad at each other when playing badly.


You played in three premier tournaments in just as many weeks, and some have complained about there being an over saturation of events. Do you think this is the case?

I think there are a few too many right now, and if it happens in 2017 people are definitely going to keep skipping watching them.


You took out OpTic in the ECS Season 2 Finals after winning over them in ELEAGUE just a week before. How was this win compared to the last? What are your thoughts on the series? 

OpTic is a strong team, and after playing against them the week before we knew they could make it to the finals. We kept losing stupid rounds, and it was one of our worst CT sides on train. We played really badly on train, and both of us are usually pretty good on the map. I don't think they played to their fullest potential this time and neither did we on train, but Overpass was really good.

We showed some strengths on Cache, and that we are actually a pretty good Cache team. We didn't want to play Cobble[stone] against them because they were so good on it, but I don't think the result would have changed.


With ECS in the bag and some time off, what are your plans for leading up to the major?

We want to work on more tactics and setups, and have fun with each other and get the team spirit up before the major. We plan to have a bootcamp as well, and in the meantime we’ll take some days off for the holiday before we practice.


Photo: @YoleShoots

by Caymus, on 2016-12-23, in #Story