Why post for us?

1. Build your reputation

If you post with us, we'll do our best job to promote your content and grow your brand. A lot of times, posting on a bigger site without constant interaction with content creators means that even the most successful posts or images will get lost in a just a few days. Sometimes, the most successful content creators aren't even recognized for their contributions. People just pay attention to the content and not the creator. Due to our special care for author pages, your fans will be able to find your past content from any of your new articles. Furthermore, we will do our best to promote our authors and their articles on social media to make sure to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Goldper10.com was designed to help newer content creators grow their brand. We will always place you guys first.

2. Track what works

Sometimes, content creators are more interested in tracking statistics and what kinds of articles work. The Goldper10.com staff is extremely well-versed in analytics and we'll do our best job to stay in touch and let you know how your articles are doing! With our stats, you'll be able to find out which of your articles are performing, where your main sources of traffic come from, and the demographics that enjoy reading your articles.

These stats will allow you determine the best direction to take your growing e-sports career!

3. Turn your passion into profit

Let's be honest. A lot of e-sports articles, research, and art takes hours and hours to create. Oftentimes, content creators will only have a few hits and will have a hard time locking up constant revenues. Posting work as self posts on Reddit or photographs on Imgur net you nothing if the post hits it big. Most other e-sports sites require months, or maybe even years, in unpaid work before establishing a set reputation. The truth is, no matter where you post your content, sites will make money off of ads. Why don't content creators take it for themselves?

All work posted with Goldper10.com shares ad revenues with the producer. Content creators can either create a set account and track their payments or (for a one or two time shot) simply drop off their email. If the account earns more than $20 in ad revenues, we'll get back to you automatically!