Fnatic and Vitality are set to clash this week and both teams are going in with a few new faces. With the recent benching of both “Amazing” and “Hachani” these teams are looking to make a statement with their upcoming matches. Both players were expected to perform relatively well in Spring so their removal comes as a shock to many so early in the season. However, which of these players was holding their team back? How will the loss of these players effect their team? Were these players even responsible for most of their team’s faults?

Today we are going to take a look at how impactful the loss of “Amazing” and “Hachani” will be. Along with how much the team can improve with a different player.


It was recently announced that Team Vitality’s coaching staff and players made the decision that starting support player Ha “Hachani” Seung-Chan would be removed from the starting lineup. The former KT Rolster Support player was one of the less talked about imports, but was expected to perform well none the less. Hachani and all of KT Rolster had an up and down season where the nearly defeated the ROX Tigers in the LCK finals. Only to fall short on attending worlds after a close 2-3 loss to Samsung Galaxy.

Unfortunately for Vitality Hachani has not only not been playing up to the level he was in Korea. Hachani is looking like one of the worst players in the entire EU LCS. Upon first hearing the news that Hachani would be benched flashbacks to last split where Vitality’s hyped imports were also benched for similar reasons began to flood back. Recent team history would suggest that Vitality has had a hard time trying to make their Korean imports work. This is crucial to understand because it leads to the notion that perhaps Hachani was not as awful as he appeared.

The main problem with having most of the team speak English is that the one player that doesn’t is almost always going be on the wrong page. This put more context into his awkward positioning in teamfights as well as getting killed when trying to engage and make plays.

All that being said, Hachani no doubt was performing shocking poorly in the first three weeks of the split. Hachani was constantly being picked off across the map and try as you might much of the time it was his own fault. He has the most deaths of any player in the entire EU LCS at 44. And has the 6th worst Kill Participation of all players in the league as well; Mithy is the only Support who has a worse Kill Participation. There are times where he would engage or carelessly walk into the enemy team when they were grouped up and kill himself. Like walking into a dragon pit alone trying to steal and being unsuccessful.

Hachani is just playing like he doesn’t care about what is going on around the map. Perhaps the communication issues are leading him to believe he is safer than he is. Or perhaps Hachani is not used to playing the current meta role that supports must play. Whatever the reason the one bright thing you can say about his play recently is that he is trying and much of the time is making plays. It would be one thing to fault a player for just dying due to poor play, but Hachani dies most of the time flash ulting in on Malzahar trying to create a pick for the team.

Can the same be said for the questionable performances of his teammates? “Cabochard”, “Djoko”, and “Nukeduck” have all shared in poor positional and macro mistakes. Much like Hachani the trio are often too aggressive and make dumb decisions which lead to the team having to play from behind. Hachani has been performing poorly, but is not alone in that department.

When Hachani was brought in he had the added benefit of being very knowledgeable about the game and would serve to be an in-game leader. Since we lack the information we can only speculate on how much of that was impacting VIT’s performance. Though it does stand to reason that since the entire team was talked to beforehand and concluded that Hachani should be benched it doesn’t look good. As well as with the language barrier how much of that information was Hachani actually able to put to use. VIT did have some good macro plays, however most of these were off of Djoko being an aggressive playmaker.



Coming into the Spring Fnatic acquired the only remaining founding members of team Origen in “Amazing” and “Soaz”. Both players received a lot of criticism during last Summer, however Soaz seems to have recovered while Amazing has not. Amazing has slowly been declining as a player for the last few season with his impact on the map becoming less and less noticeable. The news over the weekend that he would be stepping down and being replaced by “Borxah” caught nearly everyone off guard. While he has not been so noticeably performing poorly as Hachani he is leaving much to be desired.

Many of Amazing’s problems so far echo what Hachani has been struggling with. Lack of vision control and reckless invasions have led to many of his poor plays. However, being in the Jungle position Amazing has to provide pressure onto the map that Hachani doesn’t need to. While he does gank semi often and helps get his lanes ahead, mostly top lane, apart from his early game Amazing falls off in terms of impact beyond the 15 minute mark.

His objective control, which is honestly more of a team activity, has been inconsistent giving up drakes and vision needlessly. As well as not being the most mechanically gifted Jungler in the region he is less of a threat. The importance of the jungle position in the current meta makes Amazing stand out in a bad way. Other Junglers such as “Jankos”, “Xerxe”, and “Trick” all come to mind when we think of the true Carry Junglers in EU.

Though not every team needs to have the same playstyle and it is fine that Amazing is not a primary carry on the team. Though his lack of impact on any other part of the map leaves him without a doubt as one of the weak links on the current Fnatic lineup. Their recent loss to Misfits, which was not pretty, is no doubt the catalyst for the team to really look at what to improve on. They seem to have come to the conclusion that they should try a new player in the jungle position. Jungling primarily facilitates the rest of the team to make players and take objectives and Fnatic feels that perhaps they can achieve more with a different player.


It’s safe to say that neither of these players is critical to the success of their team. Nor should their first series against each other with less than a week of practice together be the determining factor in which team came out the better end on their trade. However, it does stand to say that Fnatic stand to lose more with their roster change than Vitality does.

Vitality is lower in their group standings and probably won’t be falling below Origen any time soon. Fnatic certainly doesn’t have a large problem with Amazing though they wish to improve their situation. Vitality has so many problems at the moment that replacing Hachani with a player who will die less and communicate more will probably more beneficial to the team.

Though this does not mean that these changes will happen overnight nor do I believe that Vitality will win their series against Fnatic. What I do believe is that Vitality will give them a good fight no matter what the match score is. I have a lot of respect for both of these teams with not sitting back and being okay with mediocre play. There are other teams who would sit back and wait out the season, cough* Origen cough*, and those that see a problem and make a change.  

by Oddoman, on 2017-02-07, in #Article