CWL Atlanta is almost upon us, with the last 2K being played yesterday their is now nothing separating us from the $200,000 event. 


Despite the backlash from Pro Players regarding the format in which the groups would be drawn, none can deny we've been drawn some excellent groups. With all groups being extremely balanced it makes it even more of a task to make predictions on who takes the top 2 spots and who has an early losers bracket run. Obviously since we wont know who takes the open bracket spot this prediction is strictly going to be between the 4 teams of each group.

Group A:

1st - Rise Nation | 2-1

2nd - Faze Clan | 2-1

3rd - Infused | 1-2

4th - Enigma 6 | 0-3

Its going to be extremely close between Faze and Rise and if either team fail to make the top 2 of the group then it's going to be regarded as a major upset. No discredit to Infused or Enigma 6 who are solid teams, but we can all agree E6 have been a mere shadow of the team we seen at Vegas. I have Infused losing 3-1 to Faze, but being 3-0'd by Rise, giving Rise the superior map count to put them top.


Group B:

1st - Splyce | 2-1

2nd - Optic Gaming | 2-1

3rd - Allegiance | 1-2

4th - Evil Geniuses | 1-2

With all teams capable of beating each other this group is down to the Open bracket team to come in and rustle it up. I have a feeling Optic are going to drop their first game but come back and 3-0 the next 2 teams, not wanting a repeat of Vegas. Splyce are one of the most composed teams to come from EU and I fully expect them to look at this group knowing they can take 1st place. Allegiance made a huge performance at Vegas but have struggled to recreate that online which could play with their confidence. Evil Geniuses are 100% the underdog team, with no one giving them a chance in this group it means they can come in and play with no pressure, which does wonders for teams so fully expect to see them cause a few waves this event.


Group C:

1st - Cloud 9 | 3-0

2nd - Elevate | 2-1

3rd - Luminosity | 1-2

4th - Team 3G | 0-3

This is probably the easiest group to predict, with it being the only group with 3 top teams (sorry Team 3G) I fully expect Cloud 9 to 3-0 the group, letting his opinions on EU teams being known publicly, the last thing Patrick "Aches" Price would want is to be beaten by an EU team. The real match up is Elevate and Luminosity and I have to give it to Elevate, they looked solid at Gfinity and can easily take it up to the next level. Although I've written Team 3G off, like EG, they can go into this with no pressure and could be a potential banana skin for Cloud 9.


Group D:

1st - Orbit | 2-1

2nd - Envy | 2-1

3rd - eUnited | 1-2

4th - Fnatic | 1-2

eUnited are the ones to watch this tournament, with their strong online performances it'll be all eyes on them to see if they can replicate them on LAN. I don't see them beating Fnatic or Orbit, not knowing how they play will be extremely detrimental to them and being a young squad their composure will surely be a major factor. Envy need a strong performance this event to maintain their pro point position, so expect them to come out all guns blazing. Orbit will be looking to build on their Gfinity win and prove they can hang with the NA big boys and they are definitely the team to do just that.

Final Placings:

1st - Optic

2nd - Faze

3rd - Orbit

4th - Cloud 9 

5th - Envy

6th - Splyce

With how stacked the groups are, expect to see some major upsets in bracket play. With Optic and Envy both looking to get back to their previous form and Faze looking for their first championship in over 2 years (PSX doesn't count people) we can all agree, this is going to be one hell of an event.

by Jack "Wishful" Grant, on 2017-02-06, in #Article