At the start of the 2016 NA LCS Summer Split, Team EnVyUs surprised a lot of people by coming out of the gates and winning games. They were undefeated until Week 3, where they had a record of 5-1. From that week moving forward, Team EnVyUs were getting inconsistent and ended the split at 6th place, with a record of 8-10.

During the offseason, LOD and Procxin left the team. LOD was the starting ADC for Team EnVyUs and performed well for them. He had a KDA of 4.8, which is 3rd among ADCs; as well as a 74.6% kill participation, which is 2nd among ADCs and behind Cloud 9's Sneaky. However, his downfall came at the 10-minute mark. LOD carried an average creep score difference at 10 minutes of -2.9 and an average gold difference at 10 minutes of -114, which lies near last among ADCs.

Procxin was the starting jungler for Team EnVyUs. He did not fare well during the Summer Split and had a KDA of 2.1. Additionally, his first blood rate is at 31% and average creep score difference at 10 minutes is -1, which lies near last among junglers. However, the positive side is that his kill participation is 75.5%, which is 2nd among junglers.

Replacing LOD is former ADC for Apex Gaming, Apollo. During the Summer Split, he played decently well with a KDA of 4.1, kill participation of 69.4%, and first blood rate of 24%. While Apollo is not an improvement over LOD, Team EnVyUs can possibly see better communication between Apollo and their support, Hakuho.

Replacing Procxin is former jungler for Afreeca Freecs, LirA. He finished the LCK Summer Split with a KDA of 4.1, which is ahead of SKT's Bengi and Blank. Also, first blood rate of 47%, which is one behind KT's Score. Otherwise, LirA was average with kill participation of 77.2% and average earned gold per minute at 233.5. If compared to junglers in the NA LCS, LirA could be ranked 4th or above in terms of KDA and kill participation. 

Also, Team EnVyUs announced their new coach yesterday. Replacing former coaches Hermes and Miracle, is a former coach for TSM, IMT and H2K, Dylan Falco. He found success in making these teams as one of the best in their regions and helping them get to regional playoffs. Team EnVyUs will be a challenge to Dylan as the team does not have the same skill as previous teams he once coached.

While it is difficult for me to decide whether to place Echo Fox or EnVyUs higher, I feel EnVyUs has better synergy than Echo Fox. Seraph was shot caller in the previous split, and he will continue his current role. Ninja will continue to improve with the team, especially with Dylan's coaching, and LirA will provide a sense of comfortability for the solo lanes with his experience in the LCK. However, I think Team EnVyUs will need some time to get that team communication together and will not fare well in the Spring Split. If we see them in the Summer Split, I think they have the potential to be a top team in the NA LCS.

by Tackey, on 2017-01-11, in #Article