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Super Mario Maker for 3DS is an easy-to-use level maker based around the different Mario games based off the highly received Wii U game of the same name. It gives the player the tools to create levels of their choosing with the goal always being the same, for the player to reach the end of the level.


On paper, a portable port of a game where you can do the same things as the Wii U version but on the go with relative ease is a great concept, but one that sadly falls short on what the original offered.


For the purpose of this review, we will be discussing the 3DS version in all its highs and lows and will be avoiding a general synopsis. Please check out a Wii U version of the interview for a broader idea of the game itself! Not knowledgeable of the game at all? Don’t worry, the 3DS version provides a newer and improved version of the tutorial mode to get you up to speed.


The Comparison



Nearly every option of the Wii U version comes over into this port of the game, the only thing missing from the games mass creation tool is the ability to use amiibos as in-game sprites that can be obtained by picking up a special “Mystery Mushroom.” This is mainly down to the 3DS’ limitations when in comparison to the Wii U version of the game.


The whole premise of the game is the ability to create levels and share them online for other people to play and rate, thus creating an infinite ecosystem of new and exciting courses for players to try out. However, the 3DS version does not allow you to upload your courses onto the online infrastructure of offers a way to search for courses with ease, giving a simplified version of what should be the overall experience. You can only share these courses locally, which begs the question, what is the point?


The game offers you recommended courses for you to play out of all the levels online but that is it. Don’t expect to find a particular stage or creator you may have seen on youtube or other players play at events like AGDQ, a popular charity streaming event. You are stuck with recommendations, no choice, just what Nintendo recommends.


You can play levels made by others that were created on the Wii U version of the game with the usual 100 Mario Challenge where you go through a set amount of courses catered to a difficult of your choosing with 100 lives but most feel like scaled back alternatives of the modes we know and love from the Wii U version.



The game at times feels like a stripped back version of the full experience. But that should not discourage those players who are after something that they can sit back and relax with on the go to create courses to share with their friends. The 3DS version does offer some improvements in various factors though it is hard to miss these glaring and lacking details to what could have been a well-polished port over the holiday season/


The Upside



I know it may feel like I have been talking about what is missing but it is worth saying there is a lot here that we should take note of.


For those with the Wii U version, the prospect of playing courses on the go is still appealing and the ability to create your courses on the go to think up some ideas for what could be defined as the true experience is well worth the price tag.


The game offers all four templates, being the Super Mario Bros. Super Mario 3. Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros U. (Even if the later looks a little out of place in on the 3DS graphics wise.) and just about half of the overall tools to start creating with other then the 12 the Wii U gave you.


You are also given a campaign which is what gets you all the tools in this game, not a gradual unlock, the tools are rewarded for the “Super Mario Challenge” mode in the game, which gives you ideas, tips and advice as you play.


In the ideal world, the Wii U version is still the better of the two and why the 3DS version has tried to offer the best to its ability as a hardware and trust me, this game tries. I may be highlighting all the downsides at the current time but there is no denying it is a fruitful game full of joy and whimsy which will be detailed in the final rating down below.


The limitations are just its overall downsides in the end and we cannot help but compare it to what it is based on. While the lessons, the tutorial and the campaign are welcome additions to the game, they aren't enough to stand on their own for all the shortcomings.


However, both games are made to suit different requirements and preferences depending on what it is you want from the game and if you just want a portable Mario level maker that you can play with your friends, you have it here!


Final Thoughts


Super Mario Maker for 3DS gives you all the tools and love of the original Wii U game but feels like a port which lacks in many departments. While the level building tool is still there, the inability to share those courses online. As such, I feel the charm of what made the original game so entertaining fails to captivate audiences on the small screen.


With that in mind, Super Mario Maker for 3DS gets…




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by Adam Newell, on 2017-01-10, in #Article