The LCS is just around the corner and I am here to present you my personal EU/NA LCS Power Rankings for 2017. 

Starting with EU LCS, this year will be played with 2 groups (A and B):

Group A: 

G2 eSports 



GIANTS! Gaming


Group B:



Unicorns of Love



At the end of my EU LCS Power Rankings, I will make a prediction for both groups, hope you guys like it!

1º G2 eSports 

What can I say. Not much though, same roster, strong and solid team and I believe they will reach the finals once again, maybe even win it.

2º Misfits 

The new EU LCS team, with great 5 individual players, SELFIE is not with them anymore which is a huge loss but POE is also a great midlaner. I am on this train for sure, I do believe the final will be between G2 eSports and Misfits and should go all the way. Excited to see this team playing!

3º Splyce

Interesting team and I'm glad they stick together for one more year! 

4º H2k-Gaming

For this year H2k will be my dark horse. It's very interesting to see what will happen, cleary one of the better teams but with a new botlane that don't speak english. But to help them they got Febiven, huge upgrade for them!

5º GIANTS! Gaming

YES! That's my word for this new GIANTS! team. I can't wait to watch them, this is my bold prediction and I really think they will make it to playoffs this year. Just curious about their ADC, I don't know much about him but excited to see the toplaner and NiGhT once again, obviously! 

6º Unicorns Of Love

2 new players: Samux and Xerxe. Samux is really really good and it's a good upgrade from Veritas (in my opinion), Xerxe not sure. We'll see how they work together, but the battle for the playoffs this year should be very interesting.

7º Fnatic

Really dissapointed about this team. For me, their botlane is really good and solid. caps can be very good and even pop off but I don't see soaz and amazing playing as good or better than any other toplaner / jungler. Really bad choices if you ask me but I might be wrong though. I don't think they will reach playoffs but if they play well together, they will put some upsets. 

8º Origen

Same thing as FNC, sadly. I just can't see them going to playoffs and beat the top 5 teams, both Origen and Fnatic will have to make changes at some point if they want to do well. But I want to see their midlaner playing against some of the EU's.

9º Vitality

As the owners said: Intense off season. As you can tell by their line up. Really poorly and bad choices, I can see them winning against ROCCAT & Origen. 


Not much to say. I think they will be relegated (PSG or Schalke) should replace them. 

With that being said, I will make my predictions regarding both groups:

Group A: (In order) G2 eSports, Misfits, GIANTS! Gaming, Fnatic, ROCCAT.

Group B: (In order) Splyce, H2k-Gaming, UOL, Origen, Vitality.

Finishing with NA LCS Power Rankings:

Now, this is where things get really, really interesting. Great 8 teams and any of them can be top 5. How exciting is that?!

1º TSM 

For obvious reasons, I must put TSM first. But it will be interesting to see their NA toplaner and the new AD Carry. 

2º C9

The final should be between TSM and C9. At first I thought C9 would sign Dardoch for the jungle, because from the start I said they needed a new jungler so I'm glad they gave Contractz a chance. So young and high skilled player!

3º Immortals

Reason I'm putting them in the top 3 is because we already saw something from this new line up and I really think they will overcome CLG, Dignitas etc. It will be hard and very competitive but they should end top3-4 this year.

4º CLG

Same roster, lacks some firepower and individual skill compared to others teams. But they do play really well together, that's way they are on my top 4.

5º Team Dignitas

I really love this line up, they have everything to reach top 3 but I still want to see some games from them before I put them a head of CLG and Immortals. But I'm really interested to see this team playing. Great team on paper!

6º Team Liquid

I don't even know what to say about them. I guess they couldn't get any better NA players? They will depend on RO to carry them almost every single game and I don't see that happening. We will see!

7º Phoenix1

This team cleary won the off season with Dignitas. Looking good and solid on paper, they will fight for a playoff spot, it will be tight.

8º FlyQuest

I'm happy the "old guys" get to LCS once again but again - lacks firepower and they can't beat the koreans players from other teams. Might win here and there but that's it. 

9º Echo Fox

Rick. What are you doing? That's my question. Yes, they have Looper. Yes, they have Froggen. So what? 2 players can't win vs 5 great and solid players from the top 5-6 teams this year. I really don't see them winning much games. 

10º EnVyUs

Same as Echo Fox, this team will be 100% relegated from LCS this year. Sorry Hastr0.

Again, I'm speaking for myself when I say this:

I am really sad about Fnatic, Echo Fox and Liquid's line ups. Really poorly and lacking firepower / new blood. 

Thank you for your time reading this and I hope you agree with me! Leave your comments below.



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