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Top - Lourlo

Jungle - ReginOver (Dardoch)

Mid - Goldenglue (FeniX)

ADC - Piglet (Fabby/Jynthe)

Support - Matt

Coach - David Lim - (Locodoco)


Liquid aiming for the cup

Team Liquid entered the pro LoL scene back in 2015 and was previously known as Team Curse before Team Liquid acquired Curse and it’s spot in NA LCS. With the acquisition of Team Curse, Steve “Liquid112” Arhancet became co-owner of Team Liquid. Since the LCS entry in 2013, Team Curse had been known by the LoL community as the fourth best North American LoL team and with the change of organization, fans were hopeful the team would finally be able to lift the LCS trophy. However, change did not come and Team Liquid has yet to reach a LCS final. Prior to the fifth LCS season, the team has made necessary roster changes and promoted their former academy teams’ head coach, David Lim, to coach the LCS squad.

For the first time, it seems like the Team Liquid organization has made decisions aiming to become the best LoL team in North America this coming LCS split. Bringing in RegionOver, who ever since moving from South Korea and entering the western LoL scene has performed superb for both Fnatic and Immortals, as well as promoting Piglet back to the main team again following his 2016 summer split visit in the Challenger Series playing for the academy team are good signs for the Liquid fans.

In addition to these two top tier players, Team Liquid decided to keep Lourlo in the top lane position and Matt as their starting support. Matt and Piglet played the 2016 spring split together in the bot lane, in which Liquid was one game away from reaching the final in a best-of-five series against Counter Logic Gaming. Lourlo were not a shining light on Liquid during season six and the arrival of star top laners such as Ssumday and Flame it’s safe to say Lourlo has to perform way better this year. The organization decided to part ways with longstanding mid laner Fenix following the end of season six, a situation which may be a side effect by bringing in ReginOver and Piglet to the main team. Replacing Fenix will be Goldenglue who over the years has gotten some LCS experience from playing as a substitute for teams such as Echo Fox and Team Dignitas. Goldenglue has been known to play very well when in a scrim setting and perform worse on stage and according to myself, Goldenglue is the biggest question mark on Liquid, mainly due to a lack of stage experience.

Stabilizing beside the stage

As the LoL pro scene has developed over the years it has existed, a western philosophy has grown in which a vital tool for a powerhouse team is a great infrastructure and environment for the players. Team Liquid came into season six deciding shortly before the season who would be the head coach. Locodoco, earlier signed to Liquid as a content creator, got the job and beside him the organization managed to gather a few more coaches and analysts whom would work to create an environment in which the players would thrive. This structure worked well as far as the team were winning but, to a degree, fell into pieces when games went the other way.

For the coming season, Team Liquid promoted their academy’s head coach David Lim to coach the main team. Last year, the two squads worked close to each other and Lim acted as an assistant coach behind Locodoco for the main team as well as being in charge of the academy squad. Lim has since the announcement been spoken highly of by Locodoco for his work ethics during season six and the management of Team Liquid seem to believe he is the right fit as head coach. Lim hasn’t struck me as the guy with much authority from watching several episodes of “Rebirth”. However, he managed over a CS squad for about a year and has experience coaching a LCS team from last year meaning his game knowledge is above average. I’m hopeful Lim will step in and find his position in the team and gain trust from his players.


Closing words

Moving into the seventh season, Team Liquid has put together their strongest roster yet in my opinion. They have assembled a roster in which they have a huge carry in Piglet at the ADC position and to support him they have brought in ReginOver who has shown over the last two years how valuable he can be for LCS teams and being able to tunnel resources into a specific role/player. As mentioned Goldenglue is my big question mark mainly due to being quite a rookie at the LCS stage. Lourlo has to step up compared to how he performed during season six. He performed fine, but coming into the new season top lane completion has never been tougher in NA LCS and I’m worried how he will stack up against some of the new Koreans.

There is a risk Team Liquid will become a one-dimensional team this coming season with Piglet having to carry a lot of weight together with jungler ReginOver. Goldenglue has to perform at a higher level than previously shown when playing for LCS squads and be a viable secondary carry in case bot lane or jungle were to fall behind early.

I will predict Team Liquid to finish the spring split with a usual top four finish. Their roster has certainly improved coming into season seven however, I still doubt their solo laners until they prove me wrong on stage if they ever do. At the same time the strength of NA LCS overall has improved over the course of the off-season which has created a scenario where I don’t feel confident in the new Liquid team due to how vital solo laners are in the current meta compared the ADC.

The Roster Breakdown is a League of Legends (LoL) focused series of article, breaking down the roster of pro LoL teams around the world. Created ahead of the beginning of the seventh LoL pro season, the main purpose of the series is to overhaul teams roster changes, examine teams’ strengths and weaknesses and determine its fate coming into season seven. The series is written by a novice writer with alias kdc. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and I hope you appreciate the content.


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