Competitive eSports has always suffered from massive roster changes post-tournament that re-shape line-ups, organizations and the league as a whole. A lot of reports, rumors and leaks have made off-seasons a lot more interesting for the fans and create hype for possible rosters. But for the most part, not all of the moves happen, leaving fans wondering "What if?" Here are some of those situations that never happened and could have completely changed the fate of certain rosters.

Honorable mentions: Flame to SKT1. It nearly happened. Twice. KaKAO to World Elite.

Season 5 Summer: Rekkles to SK Gaming

After a disappointing Spring Split on Elements, Martin Larsson was ready to move on and had plans to play for SK Gaming in the summer split. The motive would be that Incarnati0n, a friend of Larsson, was expected to be un-banned and would return to the roster where he had unofficially coached. It was rumored to be in serious discussions when Fnatic asked for Larsson to return, which was questionable in itself. Rekkles took the offer and we can only wonder how the LCS would have played out. Would SK Gaming have been relegated? Would Fnatic still have completed the perfect split?

Season 7 Spring: Deft and Mata to SK Telecom T1

A lot of people knew that Deft and Mata were interested in going to SK Telecom T1, as both had been desiring a return to Korea. And it had been pondered by the three-time World Championship organization. The problem came down to the money the organization was looking to spend, as they needed to put together a massive offer to re-claim mid-laner Faker and ended up losing Duke in the process.

While the split has yet to play out, the possibility of a roster containing three all-time greats would have been historic.

Season 5: FORG1VEN to Curse/Team Liquid

FORG1VEN was believed to have an opportunity to go to the organization twice during the year of 2015 but never happened as the organization was much more interested in the former World Champion. The Greek marksman also dealt with various behavior issues that kept him away from the move and has remained a prominent figure in Europe ever since.

However, one can only imagine the damage he could have done or the match-ups we could have witnessed if he crossed the Atlantic.

Season 6: Dopa to China

Every year, we go through the process of wondering if Dopa will be playing professional League of Legends and every year, we are disappointed. The only year that it has been in serious contention since his ban in Korea was the start of Season 6 when he received massive offers from the big three Chinese organizations: EDward Gaming, Royal Never Gives Up and World Elite. He has had offers from the likes of Vici Gaming but not as serious. 

Dopa had been contemplating the move but was focused on streaming profits. However, once Faker won his second World Championship, the urge to play competitively was there. Despite wanting to return to Korea and saying he would only play competitively in Korea, offers of high amounts came in and he reluctantly turned it down.

So there you have it. Five roster moves that nearly happened and could have dramatically shaped rosters and regions. Hopefully you enjoyed the light read and possibly made you ponder the what if.


by PC Blank, on 2017-01-02, in #Article