As many of you might know, Immortals first line up was Huni, Reignover, Pobelter, Wildturtle and Adrian (the first player that Immortals signed). 

Huni and Reignover obviously came from EU LCS from Team Fnatic, which was really surprising for the fnatic's fans. Reignover is cleary one of the best junglers in the game. He was one of the key pieces of the Immortal's sucess, including an impressive 8.35 KDA in 18 games on NA LCS Spring Split. But lets talk about the new "kids", calling themselves Immortals, do you feel hype yet?

Speaking of the ex jungler of Immortals, now the new jungler of this team is Dardoch, as some of you might know he was previously in Team Liquid and he is considered to be "toxic" for his teammates / in game. Either way, if there is a replacement in NA for Reignover, it is absolutely Dardoch. A young talent, driven to win, willing to win and very skilled player. But a lot of fans and people are wondering, is that good enough? A lot of people also question themselves with: Will he be toxic again? Well, I guess we'll have to see, but I honeslty think that he will do great things in Immortals in 2017 and moving forward. One of the best NA players at this moment, with no doubt.

Immortals had 2 slots for imports and they decided to sign korean Flame and Olleh for top lane and support. Flame was a really good and one of the best players in the world but he kinda fall off previous seasons, but he still got it. Next year will be very interesting, especially in the top lane with so many high skilled korean toplaners matching eachother. Olleh previously played in KT rolster Arrows team, paiN gaming (brazilian team) and hong kong esports. He has a lot of experience which can help Dardoch and the team in terms of tactics. My guess is that him and Dardoch will share the shout calls duties on the team. 

The only player that re signed with the team is Pobelter, their mid laner. Everyone knows him, especially when he won the NA LCS back when he was on CLG. A really good and strong player with a lot of growth yet to be seen. And he is American which it makes him very valuable for the organization. 

Cody Sun aka Massacre, the new AD Carry for Immortals. He was born in China but he is American now which again, makes him very valuable and one of the main reasons he has a spot on Immortals and a huge chance to prove himself. I know very well this guy, I have been watching him since he was playing on Dream Team in the NA CS and he is very skilled and many say that he can be one of the best AD Carry's in the world. I think that him and Dardoch are the best players on this team, no one really match them, you can say Pobelter and we can agree on that one but believe me, they will be the key pieces for the new Immortals puzzle. 

With this solid and strong line up, my prediction for 2017 is 3rd place both splits, maybe even finalists, it all depends if they can match well against either TSM or Cloud9 with their new jungler, Contractz.

Overall I also think that this line up is stronger than the previous one, their new ADC, Support and Top Lane are a lot better than the previous ones. Lets just wait and hope that they can match well together so they can show that on the summoners rift in 2017. 

From the left to the right: Pobelter, Dardoch, Flame, Cody Sun & Olleh.

photo: Fomos

by ragnarstar, on 2016-12-28, in #Article