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Super Mario Run fits under an elusive mobile gaming platform that will most likely set the trend for future developers to follow, choosing to be a “Free-to-Start” game then a free-to-play, ditching the need for micro-transactions to just give a demo of what the game is like at the beginning with the option for people to pay for the full experience without needing to pay anything extra afterwards, you get the full game, it is a smart decision from Nintendo and one that I welcome.


Most people will fall off the radar with this little gem, rushing through the story and deleting it from their phone once their enjoyment has trailed off. This isn't the say the game is bad, far from it, it is just that the avid mobile gamer doesn't keep them busy with a single game. But for those avid gamers and those after 100% completion, you are in for a treat on your smartphone device.


The game is easy to pick up and screams of nostalgic arcade games where beating high-scores and replaying levels to find new secrets is a joy and delight. I found myself trying to find all the purple, pink and black coins on all the first levels before I finally paid for the full experience.


For a mobile game, the visuals are stunning and look on-par with some home console games from Nintendo these past few years, it truly shows how far mobile graphics have come over the years with the mushroom kingdom looking as vibrant as ever on your smartphone device.


Modes aplenty

There are three modes to choose from to play in the game, Tour mode which si your classic Mario campaign, beat the levels, save the princess, standard stuff.


Rally mode is the games more competitive mode, where players run aside one another, trying to perform tricks and collect coins to outscore the opponent in order to win/loss toads. Winning toads of different colours is an important factor to levelling you up to unlock new things for your own mushroom kingdom.


Kingdom builder is the final mode, where all the coins and toads you collect in the game can be used to create your very own mushroom kingdom to your liking, it gives reasons to collect coins and unlock certain toads/special coins to show off to your friends.


You won’t be able to get blue toads and all the other colours without paying for the game, though, so for those looking to unlock other characters apart from Mario like Luigi, Peach and Toad to play in rally mood, be ready to sink in the money and hours to unlock them in the game.


Final Thoughts


The game is incredibly short for what you are getting out of it and is a killer on battery life and data, considering the game needs to be always online in what Nintendo calls, its way to stop Piracy off the game. It should be noted that the game is still packed with detail and fun for the avid phone user to enjoy, even if it is just the first three free levels.


It has replay value, which is something we don't get a lot of in modern day games and harkens back to the classics of yesteryear.


Whether it will be a success is yet to be seen but with all that in mind, Super Mario Runs final grade is…




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by Adam Newell, on 2016-12-17, in #Article