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To say I am enjoying the new Pokemon games would be an understatement, it is one of the few Pokemon games in recent years I have walked into tall grass willingly to see what I could find on all the new islands without buying the standard hoard of repels to wade them away.

It is the combination of old and new elements that make Sun and Moon an exciting game in the long-lasting franchise. It doesn’t give itself any chance to remind itself of the past formula and instead goes about doing something completely new. Without going too much into the story, the game changes up the formula from the get-go by taking away gyms and gym leaders while replacing it with the more fun (in my opinion) trails that are scattered across the 4 islands.

Gone are the days of collecting badges, with the focus now being put on collecting Z crystals around the different types of Pokemon to allow them to use different Z-Moves (which we will get to in a moment) It provides a nice element, that by completing the trials your ‘badge’ is something you can actually use in battles and beyond. It gives a feeling of natural progression where you feel stronger and stronger as you and your Pokemon progress throughout the game

But what are these Z-Moves you say?

Z Moves are new, once per match moves that can be used to cause devastating damage or surprising tricks and traps on your opponent. In competitive play, they can open up exciting new plays, such as Eevee’s Extreme Evoboost to Baton pass combo that can fully boost the stats of any Pokemon. There is a video below showing the final evolution of the starters specific Z-Moves to get an idea about them:

Tradition Personified

IU want to specify right now that i will NOT be talking about the story at all. I always believe in spoiler free reviews and this is no different. All i will say about it is, Team Skull is comedic gold and you will love then more then you think you would by the end of it. Cool? Cool!

Sun and Moon feels like a fresh take on a series that was slowly beginning to get stale, the story is nothing to shake a stick at but it allows new players who might be jumping on the Pokemon bandwagon following the success of Pokemon Go to get to know the true fundamentals of a Pokemon game due to its streamlined battle interface.

Moves now give more details from the second time of battling a particular species you've seen, specifying which moves will be effective to use and which won't which is great for new players wondering about the larger mechanics of the game like type advantages.

It's a nice upgrade to the system which will surely help new and old players alike get to know the new Pokemon of the game as well as the Alola Pokemon that are variations of the Kanto Pokemon we know above. It would be hard to go into detail, but I always get a snicker when seeing Alola Exeggutor.

Let us not forget the replacement for HM’s, the series staple in progression tool moves such as surf, fly, etc. Ride Pokemon now take its place, with moves being swapped out for actual Pokemon you can summon whenever you feel like to go across water or fly, freeing up those important party member spaces for the team you want and not Pokemon there for the sole purpose of getting you through an area. HM Slaves as they are commonly known.

With so many upgrades, it's hard to really list everything you are able to do in the game.

The Lacking Multiplayer

Don’t get me wrong, the multiplayer component still keeps everything you know and love like the GTS, Wonder Trade and options for battling and trading with strangers online.

Sadly, though, where this falters is the over-complication of the system, with finding your friends increasingly difficult and not really told to you. When I'm having to ask the Pokemon subreddit exactly how to trade with friends, then you know there has been poor design built into the system.

The simple aspect of the Pokemon X and Y function with the bottom screen being your main source of info and trading has been taken over by the new Pokedex option, showing a map at all times with no choices to switch it about.

It is my hope, that if the rumoured Pokemon Stars for the Nintendo Switch is a reality, that they do away with multiplayer features like this in the future but it may just be me, it's an otherwise small stain on a near perfect game for the most part. It would just need to be easier for people to make sense of it or give it some direction for it to not be as bad as in making it.

Ending with what is new


As I said before, considering all the new elements, it would be heard to list them all. As such, consider this a brief “too long, don’t want to read” synopsis of all things new and exciting in this massive game for the avid reader that wants to know what is up, without the fluff.

As you can imagine with a new game there are tonnes of new Pokemon, over 80 in fact not counting the new Alola Pokemon, classic Kanto Pokemon changed to react to the new climate with new types to boot.

You can hear the world around you, the chirping and sounds of Pokemon helping you settle into an atmosphere like no other. These sounds also help you identify where a Pokemon you might be after may be hiding.

Tired of using items to cure the status elements of your Pokemon? Now with Pokemon refresh, by the click of the button you can wipe away them all after a battle and tend to your Pokemon, it is PokeAmie but vastly improved.

Try your handle at the new battle feature which includes a four-player match, putting people up against each other's teams of three to gain points from last hitting an opponent, the player with the most points and Pokemon alive at the end wins.

And much MUCH more.


With all this in mind, Pokemon Sun and Moon gets the royal stamp of…


It is a near perfect game if not for some slow parts and the confusing multiplayer. I want to give it a ten so badly but I really cannot justify it at this point in time. Pokemon Sun and Moon retains all the good about what made Pokemon fun and expands on it to great lengths, there is so much to do that I haven't even been able to touch on and it is my hopes you guys get out there. Afterall, gotta catch em'all!

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by Adam Newell, on 2016-12-08, in #Article