Dear Reader, is a site devoted to helping new e-sports content creators monetize their content and build their brand. As a rising LoL reporter, I realized that it was extremely difficult to break into the art/written content scenes. We've seen a lot of new LoL personalities grow over the years, but they have been in either the YouTube or stream industries. Art and written content have fallen by the wayside.

When I first began writing articles about League of Legends, I was frustrated by the lack of sites that paid well for content production. Most either did not pay at all or paid at extremely low rates. In reality, there is a strong market for e-sports content, even from newcomers. We constantly see art posts and articles from newcomers reach the front page of Reddit or hit popularity in other way. The problem with this is two-fold.

1) Content producers do not receive anything near a fair share of payment for their content. After working in the ad industry, I've realized that websites are either paying their writers extremely unfair rates or they are downright incompetent.

2) Posting on sites like Reddit or Imgur is a horrible way for new content producers to grow their brand. Even the most successful posts on these sites disappear in a few days and viewers rarely pay attention to the actual content creator.

I wanted to create a new site to help content creators grow. is a site that share ad revenues with content producers while being extremely convenient for them to post new content. We have no requirements for new content coming in and will do our best to host and publicize the best works that come in.

I'm not a big name or anything like that. I'm just somebody like any other content creator. I've had some problems trying to get my work publicized and paid for. I've decided to start a new site to help people like me get as far as they can.


Ryan Tang

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